Podcast Spotlight: The Lively Show

Podcasts are my jam. Since the first season of Serial came out I have delved into the world of podcasts and never want to leave it. I love listening to every topic from crime series, motivation, home decor, and ANYTHING by NPR. Podcasts are a way to enrich your life and to expand your perceptions. I appreciate that there's nothing visual about them, it's all about the art of listening. I have a love affair with so many podcasts that one post could never do them all justice. I've started a podcast spotlight series to dig deep into each one. First on my agenda is The Lively Show. I wanted to start with Jess Lively because I think her content is truly unique, refreshing, and has certainly changed my perceptions about life.

The podcast's namesake, picture from jesslively.com

Jess is all about living an intention based life, finding your flow, and following your intuition. What does this all mean? I guess you'll just have to listen to her podcast to find out ;). She speaks to the part of me that I have difficulty expressing. The part that craves a feeling of fulfillment and understanding. She focuses on how to build your life around your values and needs. When I listen to her podcast I don't feel the sense of panic that can be caused by motivational talks or self help books. That inner dialoague of "I'm not doing enough" or "why didn't I figure this out for myself" does not occur, because Jess is all about the journey and not the destination. She doesn't preach a cure all for your ailments or the key to a successful life. I believe she teaches you to find that within yourself, to trust yourself, and listen to your own intuition.  She opens each show with the tag line-

The Lively Show is designed to uplift, inspire, and help you add a little extra intention to your everyday. 

Podcasts are unique in that you can not be drawn to people or stories by the way that they look, it's based on how they make you feel. Which I believe is a more authentic experience. Jess's podcasts are smooth, well written and thoughtful. I think the episode that really hooked me as a subscriber was when she announced her separation from her husband. There was no drama or salacious details. I was impressed with her ability to take something that traditionally would be seen as a failure and changed the perception to a positive. Jess was able to change the framing of how she saw (and her subscribers) the evolution of her relationship, to one that improved that quality of her life and that of her ex-spouse. I think the reason that this inspired me so much had nothing to do with her marital status evolution, but that she was able to break away her perceptions of a life event from the traditional societal view.

Life experiences are only as meaningful as the lens you see them through.

I'm constantly trying to challenge myself to perceive people/relationships/values/etc out of the traditional framework that our culture provides for us, and that's something I hope to share with this blogHer views and positivity is unlike anyone I've heard and this is what keeps me coming back week to week. She's challenges me to view the world and myself in a different light. 

 Jess frequently interviews other entrepreneurs/bloggers/authors. Her interviews are insightful as she's asks in-depth questions. She has interviewed everyone from Elizabeth GilbertJasmine Star, and  Alex Ikonn, as well as some of my favorite bloggers Young House Love, How Sweet It Is, and Pinch of Yum, just to name a few. The format of her podcast changes from interview to monologue to travel diary depending on the topic. She posts weekly and has SO MANY podcast episodes to choose from (170 at the time I'm writing this) and you don't need to start in order. Jess touches on an array of topics (not limited to) wellness, relationships, career, blogging, and money. Recently, she sold her home and has been traveling throughout Europe. Her leap of faith that lead her to follow her intuition in search of adventure really resonated with me. Each week she's podcasting from a different country with new experiences to pull from. 

Her journey through life and self exploration is inspiring. You will not regret checking out this podcast next time you're waiting in line, commuting to work, or on the elliptical.

I hope you find the good in today and until next time, 



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