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August 1st!!?? What the hay?! My long hiatus has been due to a lot of work, a trip to the Bahamas with friends for a bachelorette, and trip home to celebrate my best friends wedding!  Today is the day I have been waiting for, an overcast sky where it feels acceptable to lounge in my robe and sleep in before a noon yoga class. I wanted to share some of my favorites as of late.

My current view

My current view

Mmmmm french toast and morning light! While I love traveling and going places, my true comfort zone is being at home. I relish the days I can sit at home with a cup of coffee and my laptop and not worrying about having to get up and go anywhere. 


I've had gel polish on for almost a month (two different manicures), which is an eternity for me because it usually doesn't last two weeks. I'm very hard on my nails and I only get it done for special occasions. Last night after work I finally sat down and soaked my nails in nail polish remover and threw on a coat of Sand Tropez, an oldie but a goodie. I'm in a neutral nail mood and this greige perfectly complements my summer tan. I always finish my at home manicures with Seche Vite, a fast drying top coat that I can not live out. I have tried so so so many top coats, and this one is unbeatable. The shine is slick looking and it hardens your nails within minutes. I was able to go to bed shortly after without worrying if I was going to smash the polish under my pillow. The price on amazon is unbeatable, it's nearly twice that in a drug store. A woman working at Ulta once told me that she keeps hers in the fridge and it keeps it from getting too thick. 

I'm living in this robe. While I've always wanted to buy cute pajamas, I have trouble justifying the cost when no one will see them! I feel like this robe solves all my issues. No pants, no problem. But seriously, when I'm home, you will never find in me in jeans or regular clothes.  My best friend gave these robes as gifts to her wedding party and they are so fancy. It's lined and super soft and hits just above the knee. It's cool for the summer and will be perfect to go on top of sweat pants in the winter. 


Very grease lighting of me. Top is from Express. Pants are Topshop.

Very grease lighting of me. Top is from Express. Pants are Topshop.

Speaking of pants... I'm not joking when I say I really don't like pants. A contributing factor may have been growing up in private school where I had to where jumpers and skirts for 9 years, so I just never got used to them. However, these jeans though, are A-Mazing. They are Topshop's Moto Leigh distressed skinny's, and I sized up and bought a 30x30. I've never bought Topshop jeans before but these feel like buttah! This was the only size available in my Nordstrom location, and while I'm usually a 27 in most brands, they fit like a glove with room to give in the waist band. I'm so disappointed that they are sold out of my size in the white, as these would be the perfect for the summer. The 30 in length hits me at the ankle and I'm 5'3". With the anniversary sale they were only $38.99, practically a steal. Cheers to my first pair of high waisted pants!

This top has a bit of a story to it. I LOVE off the should tops. Since my early days stalking disney princesses, they hold a special place in my heart. I've been over the moon this years since they come back in style in such a big way. Over a month ago (June 27th to be exact) I was watching Jaclyn Hill's snap chats (she's amazing go follow her and watch her tutorials on Youtube) and she was wearing this top in orange. So I screen-shotted it (verb?) and have had it in the back of my mind ever since. It was $60 on Nordstrom's website, and I decided not to buy it right away because I still think $60 is a lot of money for top. Fast forward to last week when I was meandering through Nordstrom's during their anniversary sale and found it in pink and orange. I'm not crazy about myself in pink, so after some hard work from my girl Angie (she's my girl even if she doesn't know it) she found a size 6 in the yellow at a different location and it's on my way to my apartment as we speak! Best part, it was on sale! Unfortunately, this top is online only in the pink, and full price, but you might be able to find it in a store for less. Check out Skirt the rules post where she rocks this top in front of the gum wall! So many date nights will be had in this top, I can't wait for to come!

I've been looking into buying a new lens for my camera for a while, and I'm thinking of buying this one. I only have the standard lens that came with my camera and I'm hoping to starting taking my photography more seriously. I've heard this lens is great for portraits. Any suggestions? 


Back in June I placed my second order from ColourPop cosmetics. The three products above are my most used from that order. You can't beat the pricing from Colourpop, their satin matte liquid lips are $6 and the lip pencils are $5. Quarters is perfect for a summer time tan and has a hint of sheen, it is not matte. This was my first blush from this company and it the texture is creamy and easy to apply with your fingers. Dopey is so flattering, wears evenly and stays on for hours, even when eating. I feel comfortable wearing it to work knowing it will last me through lunch and doesn't flake off my lips like some liquid lips. Skimpy is the perfect nude lip pencil, I use it under all kinds of lipsticks for an even base. I just wish there was a ColourPop store I could go to and really get myself in trouble!

Shameless is the perfect name for this show. Seasons 1-4 are now on Netflix and I while I just finished them, I am left tempted to buy seasons 5 and 6 because it was so good. If you're looking for a new show to binge watch, Shameless is raunchy, heart wrenching, and hilarious all at once. All of the characters are compelling and this show is totally addicting. Emmy Rossum is my girl crush, and she NAILS the lead character. 

Ok kids, time to get some stuff done, I've been rambling enough. I have some posts to catch up on and apparently a new Harry Potter book to read!? Where was this last book last week when I was flying across the country?!