Apartment Mood Boards

Currently, I'm in the process of revamping our apartment. Since we're staying a while longer I promised myself I'd get it organized and give it a more permanent feel. We've haven't spent more that a year in place (since we've lived together) so I'd like to set down some design roots.

 CJ and I finally purchased a new couch after wearing one too many holes in our hand-me-down one. Unfortunately, it won't arrive until December, so I have to be very patient! It's going to be slip covered in the pebble tweed, that is swatched in pictured below (slip cover was a must for me, we're far too messy). In the mean time I was hoping to purchase a new rug to better fit the space, and include some new art. Mood boards allow me to visualize all the textures and fabrics in one place to create a cohesive design. My taste is eclectic but favors midcentury modern design. Right now I'm drawn to mixed metals and vibrant colors. Our floors in our apartment are a dark brown faux wood design and the walls are a light beige with dark beige trim (ick but we're not going to paint). We own two of the black shelving units from Ikea that store picture frames, books, candles, and other odds and ends. We also own the black arc lamp from Target that is no longer for sale. Above our current couch is a set of three gold frames that I found in a Goodwill for $8 a piece. Our coffee table is dark wood that I refinished last year, but has hung around since senior year of college and was purchased from a second hand store. I'm considering replacing it with an upholstered bench that would double as an ottoman, but I'm waiting until our couch comes in to make the final decision. 

Raise your hand if you love a banana leaf print!!! My search for a new shower curtain was a bit frustrating because I wanted something unique, and one that didn't look like a shower curtain (easy right?). I searched everywhere for a banana leaf print shower curtain because I wanted to incorporate the chic print into our home design. Unfortunately, I abhorred all of them because they felt so overwhelming. Our bathroom is right off our entrance and the shower curtain is one of the first things you see when entering the apartment, so I wanted it to give a positive and memorable first impression. After weeks of searching (not joking), I realized that Society6 now makes shower curtains (enter freak out here). I was able to find a subtle and perfect banana leaf print that was unique and reminiscent of the traditional pattern without being as loud. Above our towel bar is a blank space that I'm itching to fill with a fun print, and this octopus has caught my eye.

I think the purchase I'm looking forward to the most is new towels (seriously). We've had the same towels since college (ten years) and I've been dreaming of upgrading for YEARS. Towels and a new dishes are the milestones I've kept in my mind as purchases that solidify my adulthood. Does anyone else think this way? So I'm biting the bullet and finally buy a new set, and I have this silvery-grey calling my name. These precious geometric wall hangy-things (technical term) would be perfect to hang next to the mirror and above my sink. One website has them used as q-tip holders and for mini-succelents. I love minimizing the clutter on the countertop, and using vertical space would be a great way to do that. 

Our living room, dinning room, kitchen and office are all one space, but I'm hoping to separate them in to functional areas. Right now CJ uses our dinning room table as a desk, but the desk pictured above is on it's way from Amazon! I'm so happy to have our dinning room table back! I searched high and low on Craigslist and OfferUp for a midcentury modern desk that would fit our space requirements and had no luck, so CJ picked this one out. I'm torn between having a gallery wall above his desk, or above the dinning room table. The floating book shelves look so neat, I can't wait to order them! 

The Norden table from Ikea was the first purchase I made when arriving in Seattle. We had a beautiful round table at home (that I had refinished) but knew that a round table would look awkward in the space so we choose not to bring it the 3000 miles. After a long day of cross country travel my mom and I shlepped it to Ikea and purchased the dinning room table and our outdoor bistro set, along with a couple of odds and ends. While I love the farmhouse look of the table, it sticks out like a sore thumb in our apartment. The contrast of the light wood against all of our dark accents is obvious and hopefully down the road we will find a new table, but I'm going to make it work for the foreseeable future. The chairs were painted a distressed emerald. Several weeks ago I scored the tripod lamp on sale at Target ( for $55 bucks) after stalking it for several months. It gives our entry way and kitchen some much needed light.

I may being going a little gold crazy but the organic shaped dinnerware has been on my radar for over a year. Since I'm still head over heals in love with it I think it's safe to buy. If money was no object I would buy out Anthropologie's glassware department in a New York minute, but alas, it is. Last year I scored a ton of vintagemilk glass vases (I went to every Goodwill in a 50 mile radius... not joking) for centerpieces for my best friend's wedding shower. I saved a couple pieces for myself and I love using them to hold my gorgeous flower arrangements from Pikes Place. Goodwill and other thrift shops are my favorite places to score vases and other decorations for cheap. I'm lusting after those champagne glasses from Crate and Barrel, but I'm hold out to find a vintage set at my local thrift store. 

My kitchen is very organized, except my spice cabinet is driving me bonkers! Everything is hiding behind each other and falls onto my counter top constantly. When I was watching Young House Love's kitchen walkthrough, I spotted their spices in a drawer and instantly knew that what I had to do. I'm adding it to my Amazon cart as we speak. 

Phew, that was a long post! I hope you enjoyed my mood boards, and maybe they will give you some inspiration. I'm feeling excited seeing all of my ideas in one place. With the exception of two furniture purchases and a new rug, my goal is to breathe new life into my apartment on cheap, with art and accessories. I always use coupon codes and Ebates when shopping online. Some sites rarely have discounts (Target, I'm looking at you) but if you hang in there long enough, what you love will go on sale ( I saved $25 on the tripod lamp).  If you're afraid of committing to a major design change or expensive purchase, wait a few months (or longer if you'e me) and if you still have the love-it-can't-life-without-it feeling then go for it. Craigslist, OfferUp, and thrift stores are your new best friend. It can be more time consuming and labor intensive than online shopping, but can yield beautiful results. Real wood furniture is expensive, but buying used wood furniture is not. So go cozy up to your friend with a pickup truck and get to searching!

I used  Room Styler to create my mood boards, and it was pretty user friendly. I'll show you before and after pictures in the upcoming weeks!

I hope you find the good in today,